The summer can be a fun time for the whole family, but studies have shown a marked increase in insurance claims over the summer months. Americans tend to spend more time outside in the summer, but the opposite is the case in most of Arizona. Going out in the summer can be a chore if you’re outside after noon. Most people prefer to stay inside or go on vacation. If you’re planning a vacation getaway out of state, you should look into your Arizona insurance options. There are a variety of different coverage types from companies like this, that will protect you in case of accidents.

Going on Vacation

Before you go on vacation, make sure that your Arizona insurance transfers to other states or whatever location you’re going to. If you go on vacation, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to rent a car. When you get to the rental car office, make sure you read the declarations page carefully. Your Arizona insurance from may apply to rental vehicles. If you’re unsure, try contacting your insurance agent to get a definitive answer. Rental car agencies offer insurance if you don’t have any, so you can always purchase that instead of using your own.


When you’re on vacation, do you plan on riding in a boat or jet skiing? Thousands of accidents involving watercraft are reported every summer, so you should consider purchasing additional insurance. It’s recommended that you get a policy that covers bodily injury, property damage, liability, and theft. When you’re finished with your vacation you can cancel your plan, but you should get the insurance either way. If you plan on purchasing a watercraft, consult your insurance agent to get a free quote. Many companies offer insurance bundles that include home, car, and boat insurance. You’ll receive a significant discount if you use their company for all three types of insurance instead of using one of their competitors.

Getting a Pool

While a pool might seem like a lot of fun in the hot summer months, it will significantly increase your monthly insurance premium. Arizona insurance agencies say that you should have a minimum of $100,000 in liability protection if you’re installing a pool. If you have a large pool that will be used by friends and family, you should consider raising the liability protection to $300,000, or even $500,000. The best way to keep your premiums low when you have a pool is to build a sturdy fence around the swimming area. Some owners will also install cameras around the edge of the pool to ensure that no one trespasses.